Friday, May 18, 2012

High Five For Friday

It’s been a great week lovelies! It’s going to be an even better weekend – it’s my birthday on Sunday! I love birthdays and even as I’m creeping into my 30’s I love them even more (GASP!). Check back on Monday for my birthday post!

I'm linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk Blog Here are the highlights from my week. I want to hear about yours - leave them in the comments!

An article of mine, Five Frat Boy Movies You Need To Watch Now, was posted on the online women's magazine Curvy Girl Guide. I love CGG. It’s a great online women’s magazine that promotes healthy self-image, builds women up instead of tearing down. Plus, you can find lots of fun gossip and reviews on all your favorite trashy TV shows, movies and books! Go check out the article and tell me what you think!

The charming man who talks me down from the ledge on a semi-regular basis sent me these in honor of my birthday! What girl doesn’t love flowers?

Also…my birthday present! I can’t wait to test this baby out. I’ve been wanting a new bike for AGES.

The hubs has navy reserve duty this weekend so it’s just going to be us two girls!

We’re going to one of our favorite restaurants tonight to celebrate, Truluck’s. I may already have my dinner planned out. It calls for stretchy pants.

Hope your week was sunny and bright! Enjoy the weekend!



Becky said...

Wow, flowers and a bike! You are a lucky girl!

Kristen said...

I know, right?!! :)

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