Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Teacher Gifts

Last week was Ella's last week of school.  I know.  She's already doing fractions.  It's crazy.

For her teachers I wanted to make something unique. She had two teachers for Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday. Plus I wanted to do one for each of the administrators that take the best care of her! So there were 6 total.

I found my inspiration on Pinterest, the new social media hangout.  Look me up at Kristen Siler Vennekotter. 
Source: via Kristen on Pinterest

This was a pretty easy project but of course I bit off more than I could chew in a short time span.  So I enlisted some help. 

I picked up 6 terra-cotta pots and 6 trays. 

In addition to the pots, I bought black and yellow craft paint, brushes and markers that write on terra cotta. 

We put the black on the inside/outside of the pots and trays.  And the yellow paint around the rim.   The black went on in two coats, the yellow took about 5 coats! 

Once the paints dried over night, I took the markers and free handed the words on the bottom "Thanks for helping me Grow!" And also used the yellow as a measuring tape and free handed the lines. 

I bought 6 flowers.  Which kind? The pretty kind.  I don't remember the exact name. And some Harry Potter dirt.  It was Harry Potter dirt because the night after I planted the flowers the dirt expanded so that it over flowed out of the pots and all over my floor and counters!  


Here is the finished product! 


mvmarmon said...

Great job. Kristen and Mark. I'm sure they all loved them.

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