Friday, March 23, 2012

High Five for Friday!

It is Friday, y'all!  Hallelujah!

I'm linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk for her High Five for Friday series! 

 We couldn't resist plopping my Texas baby in her first field of Texas blue bonnets! 

I'm not one to brag y'all but my hair looked H-O-T on Thursday! Thanks to Kate from The Small Things Blog for the tutorials. 

I know they look weird.  I may have made fun of people wearing them before *cough* Husband *cough*.  But I was convinced (cajoled?) into getting a pair.  I'm hoping they'll help my back problem be less of a problem and more of just, you know,  a back.   I plan on writing a review!

Sweet Potato Face - LOVE

I'm looking forward to a weekend with this guy! And Sweet Potato Face  :) 
Happy Weekend !!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Old Women in the (Size 11) Shoe

So I bought these the other day.  I loved them with the intensity of a thousand burning suns from the minute my eyes alighted on them at until the minute I tried them on.  I lunged at the UPS man when I saw the truck pull up (who doesn't track their packages so they know the exact minute they are going to land on the doorstep?)  He, reasonably, took a double take.  It probably had nothing to do with my manically gleaming eyes and weird pajama outfit plastered with baby cereal goo. 
However, something happened in that second I tried them on.  They were a bit short.  Not squish my toes into them short but just a bit where you notice something is a little off.  Now they are sitting in the box waiting for me to make up my mind.  Do I still love them? Or am I just waiting to print out the return shipping label?  Either way, I'm not wearing them and I'm a bit depressed about it. 
I have a weird relationship with shoes.  I love shoes.  I get really giddy when I go into a shoe store, like I’m about to find a real treasure.  But more often than not I come out disappointed.  I’m a size 11. I’m lucky to even see one box that says 11 much less find that ever elusive *perfect* pair of shoes that will make me feel powerful, sophisticated and glamorous (I know it’s a tall order!).  I have, however, found some online stores that cater to the girls with big feet but who still want classy, girly shoes.  Sorry – no Crocs allowed!  
As in my Tory Burch dilemma above, the only bummer with online is that you can’t try then on.  Most online retailers, however, have really good return policies.  Zappos and Endless are the best I’ve seen so far – it’s free to ship and to return! Best deal EVER!    Here are my favs:
1.       Zappos  - Every single shoe imaginable.  Free shipping and returns! Woo-Hoo!
2.       Endless – has oodles of cute shoes for those of us with slightly larger than normal feet and also, ladies…free shipping and free returns!
3.       Long Tall Sally – stylish shoes for those with feet size 9 through 13! Wowza!  Drawbacks are they run out of sizes pretty quickly and they do charge for shipping.   I’ve been pleasantly surprised every time I’ve ordered.
4.       Barefoot Tess – I’ve personally never ordered from here but I have been tempted many times.  They carry sizes 9.5 to 15.   The prices seem a little steep but when push comes to shove and you need a size 15 I’m thinking you’ll pay a little extra.  Hmm?! 
Other brands that I love that usually make size 11’s:  
Sam Edelman – find them here, here and here (among other retailers).
Tory Burch – find her shoes here, here.  They run a tad small, as I mentioned.
Bandolino – find them here and here.  I have several pairs of their heels and can wear these ALL DAY LONG.  Perfect heel height, and padded inside foot bed.  Highly recommend!
Nine West – here.  I see Nine West in almost every shoe store I go into but can never, ever find my size.  Online is the way to go here. 
I'm sure there are more out there that I'm missing.  If you have a favorite, please fill me in! 
Happy Shoe Shopping!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy, Busy Beaver

Whewww…aaannnddd I’m back y’all!
I’d love to tell you all (and by “all” I mean my one reader…thanks Judge!) that I have been gone on a super long, super luxurious vacation but alas…it’s just me being lazy and uninteresting.   Life has seemed really busy lately.  You know getting up, showering, making sure the bambina has clean-ish clothes, feeding our two poopses (Code for our dogs, Duke and Oscar & I assure you Poopses is a word.)  And man, does life go quick when you are this busy.  Super-duper quick.   How is it March already? And how is my baby 5 ½ months old? Jeeshhh…
So let me catch you up....
My hair stylist left (why do I want to call them hair dressers?) so I had to find a new one.  Insert weeks of hemming and hawing only to bite the bullet and come out looking like a monkey (albeit an artistic monkey) had painted stripes on my head.  Also, he ruined my favorite Target sweatshirt (you know the one that you wear every single weekend, that is so freaking comfy you think about sleeping in but decide not too b/c you want to wear it the next day? Yeah, that one.) 4 non-returned phone calls and 1 email later and the salon still hasn’t bothered to help me.  Me: Pissed.  I’m still streaky and hating it.
My husband continues to make me laugh till I wet my pants (thankfully that is still just hyperbole).  He is truly the funniest person I know.  Thank God I found him.  He makes my world go ‘round.   The fear that I might lose his silliness to a military deployment for months on end keeps me up at night.      
My nugget has found squealing at glass-breaking decibels is immensely gratifying and gets instant results (please make it STOP!).  Our dogs (see above) have become a source of extreme entertainment for her, which makes making dinner, eating dinner, and cleaning up after dinner much easier for the grownups in this family. 
One of my best friends in the whole wide world deserted me for a better job and a lovely home.  I tried wooing her with nights of babysitting (for my child), endless loops of Sex and City reruns and her favorite fro-yo but my package just didn’t cut the mustard.  The city feels lonely and desolate without her and her husband.  She, however, is back in her hometown of Dallas being all wonderful and happy.  I plan to become very familiar with the Big D. 
Why is Downtown Abbey so freaking good?  My hubs and I are obsessed.  Never heard of it until I saw bunches of “Downton Abbey” posts on Facebook.  (I refuse to be out pop-cultured by the weirdos from high school) I googled, found the first season on Netflix and have been calling people Your Lordship in a horrific British accent ever since.  Also, I’ve fallen in love with zombies and the apocalyptic ruin of a society in the Walking Dead.   Where’s your humanity, Shane?!  So, so good.  And this coming from the chick who hates to be scared and grossed out.  But this show –awesome!
See?  Busy, I tell ya. 
And dear, dear reader(s) what have you been up to?