Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's Not You, Double Pleasure On The Grill, It's Me.

I'm a little OCD, like even with my food. I hear this bordering on "medication required" OCD just means I like to have some sense of control over my life. Whatevs. I highly recommend this form of mental instability. The only problem I see is you get to places on time, you make copious notes so you never forget anything (even at 2:37 in the morning when you can't sleep because you're remembering what shirts you need to take to the dry cleaners)** and oh, yeah, you eat the exact same thing all the time...until one day you don't.

This normally wouldn't be a problem. Who cares if you only order Kung Pao Chicken at every Chinese restaurant you go to? Only to end up hating said Kung Pao Chicken and never going to a Chinese place again. Since I am not single, it creates a weeee bit of an issue.

When we first started dating I was on a Chipotle kick. I introduced Mark to Chipotle and much to my enjoyment he LOVED it! We made kind of an obscene habit out of Chipotle tacos (we are so not a burrito family. Ew.) They knew us by taco toppings. It was sad.

Weeks went by and we were in taco and tomato salsa heaven. Until one day the mere thought of a taco made me gag. It comes on me quickly and without warning. And then Chipotle was over. I couldn't even handle the smell of the place. He was all You're crazy. And I was all No, YOU are! ( we argue like second graders sometimes). And it's not that he doesn't go there by himself but what fun is it to eat dinner at two different places? And eventually, I'll get that lovin feeling back, but it takes time.

Then it was the Italian place on the corner, the gelateria, pork chops, the sandwich shop, the peruvian chicken place, beef vegetable soup, brown rice and finally, most recently the Thai place down the street.

It started out slow, like all good relationships. Then it quickly progressed into something more serious. My favorite dish, double pleaure on the grill, and I were seeing each other on Friday nights, then it transitioned into an afternoon date on a Saturday. Finally, we were doing take out on random week nights. It was good, until it wasn't.

Double pleasure on the grill just wasn't what it once was. Why not another option, you might say? I like what i like and nothing tates as good as that first date with double pleasure on the grill. Scallops, shrimp with little pineapple chunks! We had it good once but it can never be regained.

So until I find my new Thai food soul mate the Thai place is no more.

Sorry, Mark! Love you!

** However, I completely forget Ella's school check, my lunch, what to set out for dinner and sometimes deodorant. So not always a fail safe.








Becky said...

The best part of having OCD is recognizing that we have it and that it just might be a family trait.

My therapist (there now I've said it out loud), told me that it's not OCD, it's only OC. She (and I loved/hated seeing her), said that OC is the way we handle the chaos in our life. OCD obviously is when you have to turn the dour handle 12 times before exiting a building. So welcome to the club but I will NOT be eating Thai food at all.

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