Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where I've Been...

It's been an exciting couple of weeks around here.  Since the hubs was doing Navy duty for two weeks Grandma Joni came down to visit, and I don't know, spoil a particular 10 month old. 

Then I met hubby for a week of vacation.  Adults only.   Lots of sleep, staying up late, drinks with dinner, long brunches, fancy dinners here and there.  It was, in a word, lovely.  

Not to say I didn't break down once or twice because I missed the munchkin but it was a much needed break.  I'm so grateful to Grandma for watching Ella for a whole 3 weeks and especially for the last one.  Grateful, grateful, grateful...


Mark had to (had is such a strong word here but nonetheless...) go to Pearl Harbor for Naval Reserve duty.   So luckily we were able to make a vacation out of it on the back end.  

My lei that the hubs bought for my arrival.  


First view of the Pacific.

Champagne Brunch.  Yes, please. 

The banyan tree in the middle of our hotel, The Hale Koa.   I could not get enough of those lovely, weird trees. 

Fun times ahead.

Tastes of Hawaii.

 Pearl Harbor, Memorial for all of the submarines lost in World War II.  

Pearl Harbor. 

Torpedoes on display around the memorial.  

Posing with the torpedo.  

Honey, come here and take my picture with the torpedo.

Your turn!  Be excited! 

The conning tower from a World War II submarine.  

Ok, now take a picture of me pretending to be Submarine Jane

USS Missouri Battleship's pretty big. 

The USS Arizona Memorial 

My what big guns you have! 

The exact spot where General MacArthur accepted Japan's surrender during World War II.  

Testing out the Captain's chair.  He looks like a natural.  

Now, who looks like a natural?  All this power at my fingers tips... Mwah hah hah....

There's so much more but I'm tired and the only one who probably got this far is my mother, so without further ado, here is the requisite beautiful tropical paradise pictures.  


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Awesome pictures, K!! :)

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