Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Olympic Dream

While I’m generally not an Olympic person, I can’t help but get sucked into the athletes back stories. Little Gabby Douglas moving away from her family to work with her coach, the 4:00 am practice sessions, the grit and determination. Seeing these dedicated individuals is really inspiring.

This inspiration has led me to look at an unrealized dream of my own.

Liquid eyeliner. More specifically, the act of applying liquid eyeliner in the cat-eye technique.

Yep, that’s it. That’s my little ol’ dream.

Liquid eyeliner application is like the highest achievable level of humanity in my opinion. I’m sure the Nobel Prize winners are very smart with their disease cures and award-winning mathematical algorithms but I bet they’ve never mastered the cat-eye.

The straight black line across the eyelid, the gentle upward swish of the gooey black liquid at the precise outside corner of the lid with a careful flick of the wrist looks easy enough.

But you’d be wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Mine is a splotchy, not straight. The all-important swish comes either too early or too late thereby making me look like I have a fish hook piercing my eyelid or at the very least like I accidentally wrote on myself with a sharpie.


I want to be the kind of girl who is able to achieve the cat eye. I want the damn cat eye, people! I guess if we’re really analyzing it (and yes, welcome to my life) it’s really what the cat eye represents.

The girl who wears liquid eyeliner is fearless and not afraid of commitment (cuz that stuff is not coming off anytime soon. See my trash can with the 10 gazillion makeup remover thingies). Also, she’s classic, timeless, sophisticated and damn, it… COOL.

Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I may not have her gamine body or the face shape to pull off those blunt bangs (Jessica Biel doesn’t either, she’s just kidding herself) but I can attain the cat-eye. That I can do.

If the Olympics has taught me anything it’s that with a lot of determination, a heaping helping of talent and Gabby Douglas’ biceps I too can achieve the cat-eye.

I’ve already told Mark I’m quitting my job and moving into Sephora full time. He didn’t seem pleased.

Photo Credit: Hiral Henna on Flickr



Ken Lammers said...

Well, it will be a little while for your Olympic dream to be included.
Still I enjoyed your write!

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