Monday, September 17, 2012

My Texas Wardrobe

Living in Texas has its advantages - the best tex-mex food around, mouth-watering barbeque, and the heart-clogging-but-slap-yo-momma-good chicken fried steak.

So…food. Texas has food.

I know, I know… there are other fabulous things about Texas but its dinner time and I’m hungry, so bear with me.

What Texas, more specifically Houston, does not have, however, is cold weather. Some of you may be like Awesome! I’m more like how do you spell frowny face?

Growing up in Ohio and the Northeast assured me ample time in snugly sweaters and worn in jeans, parkas, mittens and…psst…Ugg boots. They may be a fashion crime people, but DAMN do they feel good!

Living in Houston has required a major adjustment to my closet and my mindset. Just because the calendar says December does not mean you can put away the flip flops. Parkas are brought out every 5 years or so when we have a cold snap. You know, when it gets down to 42 degrees out. Brrr….

Here are a couple of my favorite adjustments I’ve made to my Texas wardrobe.

Obviously, no wardrobe is complete without several pairs of jeans (of which we only wear 1, am I right ladies?!!). I wear them in the summer as well as winter here but to be honest, I’m sweating my buns off. So I’m delighted when I can throw them on and not worry that I’m going into early menopause.

Eddie Bauer Boyfriend Jeans Worn In

My new favorites are Eddie Bauer Boyfriend Jeans. Slouchy and comfy with super soft denim. Throw on a t-shirt, a cute pair of flats and you have you an easy weekend look. I really want to try these with a pair of low cut boots (my favs below) like something Gwyneth Paltrow would wear but I don’t know if I have the guts. We’ll see!

Confession time…I used to never wear skirts, like at all. There was a watershed moment in first grade when the teacher didn’t see my raised hand during a video and I had an accident. It was incredibly embarrassing. The ensemble I was wearing that day was a very preppy pink skirt and matching polo shirt. As if the skirt jinxed me, I vowed to never wear skirts again.

Fast forward 24 years, some serious re-thinking about that skirt jinx and tights. (I know they’ve always been around but apparently not in the land of me.)

Spanx Tight End- High Waisted

Spanx are my new favorite. A wee bit pricey but they really last. All sorts of colors to choose from too!

So I’ve already confessed that I have worn Uggs. I love them. My first year in Texas I bought a pair of grey knee high suede Uggs. I wore them exactly .5 times. It almost broke my heart that no one was going to see my beautiful new boots because it was just too darn hot. Thanks to Ebay a lucky (and stylish) chica is now wearing them.

Thankfully, someone in the fashion world heard my cries and the ankle boots are now everywhere. Here are a couple from my private collection that I can’t wait to pull out of the closet.

These are Steve Madden super sale last spring. While i cant find the actual boot, I found a few elsewhere:

Nine West


My Jennifer Aniston circa Justin Theroux boots. LOVE 'EM!

These are from Nordstrom Rack & there isn't a tag or identifying feature on the inside so I don't know who made these.

Here are a couple of choices for those moments when you want to kick someone's butt this winter.

Steve Madden



Technical note: I apologize for the wonky fonts. Im working on my ipad tonight.

Also, I'm working on the comments section... Ever since I got the website a makeover I haven't been able to respond to comments. Sorry about that! I've read every onethough and appreciate all of your thoughts!



Leslie Harris said...

Kristen, I love your new blog design. Very stylish! And I like those red shoes with the jeans. I'm a jeans gal too. And I buy boots every year. Looks like we're fashion sisters.
Leslie (Gwen Moss blog)

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