Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Big One

One year ago today I delivered our little bundle of cute. We named her Ella.

Ella means “bright light” in Greek.

If you're thinking Wow, you really did a lot of homework on names

I would say yes because it sounds like we put a lot of work into the naming process, which automatically makes you a better parent, right?

But in reality, I had loved the name before there was a tiny little shrimp expanding in my belly.  

I could not have been more amazingly on target.  

Her bright light has quickly and seamlessly filled our world.

Ella has her Daddy’s scientific demeanor - calm, thoughtful and inquisitive. And his eyelashes. Praise God. (She’ll never be stuck in the bathroom at an embarrassingly old age trying to figure out the art of gluing little lashes to your eyelids. With the end result being your lid is now glued to your brow. Moving on…)

She got my blue eyes and my I’ll-Rip-Your-Face-Off-I’m-So-Hungry moods.  Unluckily, enough, she also blessed with my I’m-So-Tired-I-Can-Cry-If-I-Want-To moods.  But she's got my independent streak and my love of cheese.  Oh, and my love of sleeping (Thank God). 

We have been blessed with a very bright light.  


mvmarmon said...

Happy Birthday to Ella! Sorry we couldn't make it for her party here in Ohio but she is a cutie and God named her well before you did, He just knew what her name was suppose to be!

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