Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's An Honor To Be Nominated...But I Really Want To Win

If you've popped over here from, welcome!  

I'm very excited about being a finalist on OneWed's Bridal Blogging Competition!  I can't wait to bring a funny and unique perspective to wedding planning!  

I love OneWed because their motto is "Smart Planning".  Any bride knows how crazy planning a wedding can be.  Being a very lucky bride some time back I escaped with only minor mental anguish (those seating charts will get you every time) and a lovely, memorable day that I'll never forget.    

People can either go off the rails or surprise you with their grace. 

Did your otherwise very sane best friend insist on making you wear $700 hair extensions for her wedding?  You thought she was crazy...until you got engaged.    Does your mother insist on inviting her entire Sunday School class but doesn't think the officiant needs to eat?  

"Smart Planning" is possible.  It just takes effort, will power to not kill your family and friends and good ol' fashion booze.   

Nah, thankfully that's where OneWed steps in!  

The competition runs through Friday, June 29.  You have until then to LIKE or TWEET your favorite finalist's entry!  

Also, I suggest arm wrestling your mom for the guest list.   


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