Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It’s not often that the hubs and I have an issue that festers.  I’m a talker and a feeler.  I NEED to discuss things until they've been dissected into teeny-tiny fragments. 
Notice I did not say communicator.  To be a communicator, apparently, you need to relay your thoughts  in an intelligible and straightforward way and then engage in a dialogue with the other person.  Or so I’m told.  Instead of, I don’t know, mumbling incoherent phrases in between crying jags.  Again, I’m a feeler, people.   I have big emotions.   The hubs, let’s just say, is not so much a feeler or a talker.   
Whewww....all that to say we like to solve things differently. 
So the point of religion has never really been an issue for us. (Woa…It just got real up in here, folks!)   He was raised Catholic.  I was raised Baptist (Northern Baptist.  Is that a thing? I mean, they have Southern Baptists so if you go to a baptist church in Ohio that would be Northern Baptist, right???).  So basically on the same page, except for a few Hail Marys and a sprinkling of holy water or too. 
However, once we had Ella the tides seem to have shifted a bit.  He would like to raise her Catholic.  I would like to find a church where we can blend our familial traditions and beliefs and raise her in the Christian faith.   But we’re stuck.  It's festering.  We talk about it, I cry, we walk on the fringes, I mumble,  but we haven’t settled it.  I know people go through this all the time and there is a way to do the right thing so that each of us, Ella included, will be fulfilled in our faith.  I just don’t know what it is yet. 
There is certainly give or take on both of our parts.  I attended Easter services on Sunday at the Catholic Church.  He has attended my church back home.  We compromise and can see each other’s points of view but this is the one issue that vexes us.  So we’re stuck at that spot in the conversation where you can’t find any new points to bring up so you just kind of settle into this d├ętente.  Inertia can kill us if we let it so we need to write the conclusion of this chapter sooner rather than later. 
And as long as we're talking about this religious stuff, I have another confession... I eat the little heads off all of the animal shaped Easter candy and throw away the bodies.  I felt I needed to get that off my chest.  


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