Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter x2

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!  We certainly did. 
For Ella and I, it was Round 2 of the Easter Circuit.  The weekend before was Ohio Easter with my side and this weekend was Texas Easter with the Hubs' side.  It was jam packed with family, eating, family and more eating... mainly eating.  

Round 1 - Easter Weekend in Ohio

Grandma getting her squeezes in.

Grandma and Grandpa getting E ready for Easter pictures.

Grandpa and Ella having fun. 

Getting ready for our Easter pictures.  I was going to say "Easter Pictorial" but didn't want it to sound too Playboy Bunny, definitely not to be confused with the Easter bunny. 

She loved the teenage Wal-Mart employee dressed as the Easter Bunny.  What can I say? The girl's social.

Round 2 - Easter Weekend Texas

This is how the weekend started out.

Look at what the Easter Bunny brought you!

Awesome! You gave me yellow stuff for which to choke on! How thoughtful.  

Southern Belle

 I'm pooped just reliving it! 


Nana & Papa in from Ohio.

My little family. 

Diva Bunny

And this is how the weekend ended. 


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