Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Me Likey!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed from reading this blog, I’m a new mom.  You don’t say?
And as a new mom, I’ve run across some items that I cannot live without.  And I’m not talking baby products (who needs that dumb wipe warmer, anyway?) but products for ME.  They make my  life WAY easier and really, just more fun!  Truly, though, these items are for anyone with a busy life and not enough hands.
The Amazon Kindle
Two days before I was induced the hubs asked if I wanted my “Push Present”.  Uhh..Yes.  Thinking it was going to be some form of shiny (due to my not so subtle hints); I almost leaped off the couch.   Total truth, I wasn’t “leaping” off of anything at 9 months preggo but I think I did manage an enthusiastic YES, PLEASE!  To my shock, I opened up a Kindle.  Now, truth be told, this little gadget wasn’t at the top of my Push Present list or even my Christmas list or for that matter my Memorial Day gift list (I really don’t have a Memorial Day gift list but now that I’m thinking about it, I totally should.)  However, it is one of the best presents I have ever received. 
Love this little guy!
What do you do at the 3:00 am feeding when you can’t turn on any lights (for fear it will really wake up the baby) and you can’t fall asleep (for fear you’ll drop the baby) and you only have one hand free?  You read your Kindle.  You can hold it and turn the pages with one little finger all at the same time.   You can’t even hold a regular book with one hand, much less turn the pages.   I got through all five of the Game of Throne’s Books (highly recommend) and so much more.   I know they have the new Kindle Fire out now (color and all that jazz) but really for $99.00  the black and white Kindle is awesome.   Also, totally splurge and get the case – it has a reading light built in! So genius.  This baby fits in my purse, the diaper bag and can be flipped open at the bus stop, at lunch or at the doctor’s office.    

The super stylish Kindle case with built in reading light.

The Cole Haan Hadley Messenger Bag
I’m a purse whore.  I love all purses - big ones, small ones, black ones, red ones etc. But what really gets my blood pumping is sumptuous leather bags with lots of room and ones that generally have hefty price tags.  It’s really a sickness.   I had been on the lookout for a bag like Tom Ford'sflap-over-zip bag - see below (but one that I can afford). 

Tom Ford's Flap-Over-Zip Bag loved by celebrities and me but not by my budget! Boo!

So I was slack jawed when I ran across this Cole Haan Hadley Messenger bag which mimicked the Tom Ford bag, with about a ¼ of its price! 

This purse is genius!  It has the signature Cole Haan trademarks – the weaving on the flap, wonderfully soft leather, brass hardware and sturdy construction.   It has a fabulously long shoulder strap to sling across your body for when you need more hands than you have, plus a smaller strap that sits easily atop my shoulder.   It is big enough and wide enough for an umbrella, wallet and other miscellaneous crap I always seem to accumulate.  Plus it has two inside pockets, big enough for my IPHONE and a handy-dandy Sephora mirror, and a large zip pocket.   

There is also an outside pocket that closes magnetically, which is usually where you can find my Kindle!   

This bag is classic and sophisticated.  It’s understated while being roomy enough to go from the office to a nice dinner out.   

The Land’s End Boat & Tote Bag
I am in love with the Land’s End Boat and Tote bags.  For my wedding, I gifted each of my bridesmaids with a medium sized bag in my wedding colors (navy and silver) with their monograms.  They still use them 3 years later!  The bags are well designed for day to day and travel/overnight trips.  Personally, I have one that I carry my lunch, magazines, extra shoes etc in for the office.  And I also have a large one for days at the beach, for my yoga mats for class, or an overnight with the girls.  I also will monogram anything and everything so, of course, these bags also have my monogram!  They are such sturdy bags made out of heavy duty canvas, most of the bags have pockets and a key fob, and they come in a multitude of colors and color combos (genius!).  They spot wash easily and have generally held up really well for years.  The best part, they start out at $25.00 for a medium bag and $9.00 for monogramming! You can’t beat it!

One of the best uses though is for Ella’s diaper bag.  For me, diaper bags were either waaay to “diaper baggy” – code for spill proof and LOUD BRIGHT COLORS screaming “I carry bottles and butt cream” or they were either too utilitarian, “I just took out my lap top and stuffed some bottles in here. “  No one gifted me with a $170.00 bag and I certainly wasn’t paying that for a diaper bag.   Two of my aunts gave us two bags both with Ella’s name embroidered on them– one medium tote with long handles and a large, zip tote.  The medium bag works best for day to day diaper bagging.  The large tote zips for those nights at Grandma and Grandpa’s house or for traveling up to Ohio to visit family.   
One note of caution, on the website you can’t really tell how big the bags are.  The large bags are LARGE – big enough for 3 or 4 huge beach towels.   The medium bags can easily fit two Tupperware containers, a pair of heels, and a couple of magazines no problem.   Before baby, I also used this as a carry-on for flights. 
The IPhone
By this point, everyone has heard of the IPhone and how great it is.  From my perspective, It is truly the best little gadget around. I am not sure how I survived before this baby came out!   As I mentioned above with the Kindle, you only need one hand to use many of the apps on there.  So baby in one hand, IPhone in the other.    
To compliment the Kindle, you can download the Kindle app for the IPHONE and IPAD.  So if you forget your Kindle or its out of juice, you can still read your book on your phone.  With a wifi connection, it syncs to the Kindle so you never lose your spot.  How cool is that?  Again, one flip of your finger and your turning pages.  So easy! 
Other apps that I really love are the People Magazine and US Magazine apps.  I catch up on all my celebrity gossip with these little pieces of gold.   They can keep me entertained for hours!


And last but not least, the IPHONE camera.  This tiny little camera has captured more moments just because it’s always with me.   I am a big follower of the blog Moosh In Indy.   She is a genius with a camera.  Her pictures are so artistic, and lovely (her subject matter doesn’t hurt!).  She’s really a sculptor working with her chisel.   Me, not so much.   With apps like Instagram though I can try to fake it!  Plus, uploading the pictures to Facebook or emailing them to family has never been so easy. 
You and your silly games annoy me.

There you have it…products I can’t live without!  So, what makes your life easier? 


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